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2016 2 اوت
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0:23 - Intro
2:36 - Sponsorship disclaimer
3:10 - Beginning of Makeup Products Category
3:24 - Makeup Products : Materials to Build A Look
6:59 - Makeup Products : Adhesives
8:24 - Makeup Products : Paints
10:42 - Makeup Products : Sealers/Setters
11:23 - Makeup Products : FX Removers
12:21 - Makeup Products : Miscellaneous
13:31 - Beginning of Disposable Items + Sanitation Tools Category
17:10 - Beginning of Other Category
18:51 - Extra kit recommendations (not vital)
23:20 - Bare Bones Minimum- 11 things already discussed you can do a TON with if you can't buy a lot to start with
The items mentioned between the lines ^ are what I recommend having, to cover all your basics as an aspiring or professional MUA (makeup artist). If you are not an MUA but just enjoy FX as a hobby, you can use the Bare Bones Minimum section as a guide for the set of tools and products which will give you the most options for the smallest amount of money. If you're already a working MUA and think you have all your bases covered but want a few extra recommendations, that's what the extras section is for. Mentioned in the video but I think it bears repeating, my list of recommendations is based on my opinions and my experiences as a working professional MUA prior to beginning youtube. My experience was very set-heavy, but if you do FX work in other venues besides sets, you may find other products are more preferable. There is no one correct list for what to have in an FX starter kit, so if you think something was missing on my list, feel free to use your own discretion! It's all about finding what works for you, and I just hope this video will serve as a guide as well as answer some questions about what products do, what they cost, what to look out for and where to find them.
Speaking of which- anytime I say you can find something 'online', it means that I did not have a specific site in mind and my google is as good as yours. If you're unsure where to find something online, just type in the product name on google, and if you're getting a lot of irrelevant results type in 'fx makeup' after the product name- that usually helps for more multipurpose items like the plastic syringes or mold trays. I hope the general prices I wrote in serve as a guide so you know that what you're finding online is within a reasonable price range, as a lot of online websites like to overcharge like crazy.
I get most of my FX makeup from pro stores in LA- Nigel Beauty Emporium, Naimie's and Frends. I realize most cities, let alone suburbs, don't have stores similar to these, which is why online is your best resource for most of these things. Many seasonal chain Halloween stores usually carry pretty crappy makeup that is overpriced for the quality, even if it appears cheap. So unless you need something in a rush, I wouldn't recommend buying from them. All year round halloween/costumes stores usually carry nicer items, if you have any nearby. Luckily, if all else fails- all three stores I shop from in LA have websites with most of their products available for shipping. I'm not sure if they ship internationally. Google their names for their sites!
If you have any questions about the products in this video, please don't hesitate to ask in the comments. I will do my best to answer many of them.
Lastly, sorry this was a longer less peppy video than usual, but I didn't want to waste anyone's time with silliness in an already long video that had a lot of important information to get through. :) I figure most people are coming to this video because they really need to get the info and move on so I tried to keep it all on track, as such. Thanks for being patient and we'll be back to usual next week!

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  • For any complete beginner I would recommend right after halloween go to your local pop up Halloween store on November 1st or even Halloween and get all the stuff. Spirt is 25% off-75% off on whole store and you can get quite a lot of cheap stuff.

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  • Tip: if you are using scab blood becareful bc it transfers really easily and is not sweat and water proof. Also the measuring cups can be used to mix alcohol activated paints if you get them in bottles instead of a pallet for more transparent bases

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    • Hell no. There are different standards for cosmetic palettes and art palettes.

      ScoutScoutپیش 2 سال
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