PUPPY Picks My FX Makeup

2020 13 ژانویه
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Meet my new puppy, Creature, and watch him turn me into a creature by picking my FX makeup! I also do a q&a about my pups and Alaskan Klee Kai doggos. Come for the makeup, stay for the dog vids.
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(for more wild doggo videos)Transforming myself into my dog, Ripley:

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  • Riply and creature are sooooooooo cute

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  • I LOVE THIS LOOK and the doggie

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  • bro when she showed the vid of her highing riply and the lil yes at the end made my day

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  • Tommyinnit shirt

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  • Named my dog Sydney after Scream

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  • I've always wanted an animal... At first I wanted a cat, then I thought about a dog, then a turtle, then some fish... But I've finally come to realize I won't want to put in the effort to take care of them sadly. So I've elected to become a cactus mom ❤

    MidnightDarknessMidnightDarknessپیش ماه
  • Hey! just wondering, u live in a apartment right? so, how does that work with such loud doggos?? wouldn't others get annoyed or upset with Ripley and Creature yowling and barking all the time?

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  • I have 5 dogs

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  • this gurl rlly js wiped off her eyebrows (ILYSMMMM)

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  • my dogs name is ghost

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  • Im a cat person but your dogs are adorable

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  • i'm sad that i can not like the video ;-;( i am a cat person)

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  • Your puppy is so cute♡

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  • MY cat hes like for or five and my mom tranded my cat to ring a bell, fist bump, high five, balince and talk to mom

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  • can you breathe?

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  • The final thing doesn’t even look like you!

    Indira HorderIndira Horderپیش ماه
  • POV: You skipped through the part where she tells Ripley that she's getting a brother and see creature being smalling than Ripley and think that she literally shrank her Also I recently got a miniature Klee Kai and named her Bella xx

    Hannah QuigleyHannah Quigleyپیش ماه

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  • Mrs. piggy join the circus and became a serial killer

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  • My dogs name is Ghost!

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  • You should sell cheap but good quality fx makeup or some kits for beginners on your merch store! Like if you agree!!!

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  • Is the big dog a wolf

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  • Ripley is just like my dog but 7 times smaller than my two dogs

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  • Both ripley and creature are so cute omg

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  • pause exactly at 9:08 i cant take her serious

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  • If you named Ripley off of the main character in Alien.. then you should have named creature Newt off of the little girl that she meets in the second movie I think.

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  • my b day is november friday 13th i gess ima a demon chiled

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  • The ill height perioperatively enter because zinc byerly interrupt unto a talented lumber. disagreeable, various thumb

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    • ?

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  • is the dog a husky

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    • No it's an Alaskan Klikai

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  • Creature is probably the cutest puppy I've ever seen in my life.

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