My DNA Picks My Makeup

2020 4 ژانویه
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Watch me transform into my true self, based on my DNA. The results from a DNA test led me to research my ancestry and it’s folklore, to combine them all into one big FX monster. After a year of this video being in the works, finally, my outsides match my insides.

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I didn't see this until I had finished my video but Minsooky (who's freaking amazing btw go check out all her stuff) also did a DNA picks my makeup video- check hers out here:

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  • that two minute spit segment for an oscar 🥇

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    • @Glam&Gore hi

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    • @Vanessa Farkas ex

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    • I love this look

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  • 15:19 "chances are good that its more interesting than mine" me with Irish parents with Irish parents with Irish parents within Irish parents

    Anna PearlAnna Pearlپیش 2 روز
  • Why did Ripley look like she was actually saying that?😂😂

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  • Riply is such a cute dog

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  • I'm French English and Spanish

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  • 12:15 *E Y E B R O W S*

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  • Y mad me pee my pants um sraced 🙀😂😂

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  • How people read this video's title- Normal people: My DNA Picks My Makeup Science nerds: My Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid Picks My Makeup MCYT fans: My DNF Picks My Makeup

    CrocodowndillyCrocodowndillyپیش 14 روز
  • I’m not entirely sure if it’s true but I’ve been told I’m German, Russian, Swedish, and a bit Italian(that small bit is quite apparent-)

    Caitlin AhrensCaitlin Ahrensپیش 14 روز
  • I am partly Irish, English, Norwegian, Russian, German, and Japanese

    Roschael ZarowitzRoschael Zarowitzپیش 14 روز
  • I am Dutch and Canadian, my dad gave me my Dutch and my mom gave me the Canadian.

    JackTheManiacJackTheManiacپیش 16 روز
  • Cool I live in Iceland ^^

    Dominika KraskoDominika Kraskoپیش 16 روز
  • Yeah and Ireland Here's a folklore of do you we're not even gonna get into that that's how we started Halloween

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  • 0-0"

    Gabrielle GossGabrielle Gossپیش 19 روز
  • My dad is Irish-Native American while my mom is Hawaiian, Japanese, German, and Greek. I'm what is known as a Heinz 57 or a mutt.

    Morgan L. KennedyMorgan L. Kennedyپیش 20 روز
  • im 25% Hawaiian 10% native American 15% Portuguese and the rest idk [ this is based of my family's genetics]

    Olivia YogiOlivia Yogiپیش 22 روز
  • I am everything in my ancestry

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  • 12:33 I now this video is already 15 minutes long-mykie

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  • I'm Filipino and I'm 35% Spanish 40% Chinese and 10% of Visaya :>

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  • Italian, French, English, German, Irish, Scottish, ?

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  • My best friends allergic to latex

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  • My twins sisters were born on the day this video came out

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  • Moral of the story: Never let your DNA pick your makeup.

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  • This is still my favouritest video ever 🤣

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  • I’m a ginger 💀

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  • lol, I rlly shouldnt of started to eat before this.. 3:52

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  • Aww I loved the call to mom!

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  • I think I’m half Australian and America mostly

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  • Not trying to be mean but I really wanna see some merch that says what the fluff! And a pic of her doggos

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  • What were you singing in the beginning?

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  • You spitting was me gagging the 🥲

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  • im like 79% dumb-ass and the rest of me is just shredded cheese

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  • Your dog is so cute what's his name or her name

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  • At 12:35 her voice goes deeper

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  • Bora da! Or prinhown da forgot what good night is in Welsh but- Fan from the U.K!

    Itz CubaTheCube!Itz CubaTheCube!پیش ماه
  • She said she was a Scorpio, and that look literally explains Scorpio. I'm a Scorpio

    Anna LizaAnna Lizaپیش ماه
  • Algerian, Spanish, Egyptian, Ashkenazi, Nigerian and Pacific Islander (according to my DNA test)

    Strawberry AeStrawberry Aeپیش ماه
  • Just cause it I rish doesn't mean u have to have orange hair I'm Irish and I have brown hair and tanned skin!!

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  • Who are you?

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  • my name is ireland

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  • so my holl life i that i was all wight but i am agshly 99 persent chines and 1 persent wight so help ME

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  • this girl is ready for Halloween

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  • 17:52 she looks like a man with a Dashing mustache 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • my ansestry (i think thats how u say it) is irish, idk how but i guess?

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  • Me : Watching her spit , spits on the creepy doll in the corner. I KNOW HOW TO SPIT !!!

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  • Her haircut keeps changing.

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  • Oh my god leave the poor dog alone you keep throwing it everywhere and its shaking!!!!!!!!

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  • I am Irish

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  • Oh wow soo cool

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  • 50% Italian 29.8% Irish and Scottish 18.5% English (Britain) 1.7% German

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  • October 3 is bd

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  • She is the goblin devil and its AWESOME!!!!

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  • i have chariricy and indina in and thats all i know

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  • 0:12 😦 what was that

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  • i wasn't really paying to much attention to the video when she was using the airbrush and i thought those air noises where coming from outside of my door... i'm stupid aren't i

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  • I'm mostly Russian Scottish and British also I'm jewish

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  • i would kill to be that 1% norweigan

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  • I’m aboriginal English Scottish and Irish

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  • 0:01

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  • First time seeing this IRworldr, I already LOVE HER PERSONALITY I WILL WATCH YOU FOREVERRRRRR

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  • I love Klee kli me and my mom have been wanting to get one but the wait list was like 2 years

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  • 18:08 I forgot you were a women lol

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  • For real, you are sooo funny, pure entertainment...

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  • I’m 100% Welsh

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  • It took my mom 1

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  • You should go outside with a creepy look like that

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  • Hi I’m Scottish welcome to the gang of SCOTLAND 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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  • I'm 100% angry pomeranian

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  • Krampus just a wee bit🤣but really this was really good

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  • how does she breath in that

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  • I am jordie, duch and British

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  • They needa use this look in a horror movie 100% would watch

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  • Fun fact about meh I have some native roots

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  • ...happy ...2020 those two words dont go in the same sentence

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  • Wow.

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  • Different defenition of a flying fish then I'm used to

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  • all i’m saying is... ✨nightmares✨

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  • Your dog looks like a wolf and I love wolfes 💜💜

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  • I’m Irish, Native American and that’s all I know I am I know I’m much more than that tho

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  • That needs to be demon genetics

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  • I am going to have nightmares

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  • Noticed there’s just Christmas music playing

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  • 18:36 I came here for mykie, who u?

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  • huh I heard northern Ireland 🌊

  • 100% German

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  • 95% Canadian 30% German

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  • My bearded dragons name is Ripley

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  • Welp... :)) I actually am half Transylvanian :)))

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  • Im. Irish 😁

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  • Irish

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  • I’m 8% Scottish 12% Eilish

  • Her: I know this video was already 15 minits long Me: well u were close but it was really 12 minits long

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  • That laytex(sorry if it’s spelt wrong) farted I’m very immature

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  • Welcome to Ireland :) We don’t speak our native language Our population is pretty tiny It rains 12 months of the year Our sports are ripped off other people’s And our most famous attractions are two sets of cliffs BUT...We got creepy death creatures

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  • Honestly i have no cue what my ancestry is

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  • this is like taking a covid test

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